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Ban on noise-making begins in Nungua June 28

Ban on noise-making begins in Nungua June, 28

Overlord of Gadamgme State (Gborbu Wulomo Shitse) Wor-Lumor Konor Nuumo Borketey Laweh Tsrur XXXIII together with authorities of the Nungua Traditional Area has declared a-one week ban on drumming and noise-making beginning from Monday June 28, 2021 at exactly 6pm as part of Nungua Kpledzo Festival.

Nungua Kpledzo Festival is celebrated by the Gadamgme State to foster unity and development. The week long embargo on drumming and noise-making was announced upon a ceremony characterised by pouring of libation in consonance with their traditions, custom and practices, compelling residents living in Nungua to pull a break on all forms of activities that result in noise-making within the area from Monday June 28, 2021 6pm to Monday July 5, 2021 6pm.

Speaking to African Editors (africaneditors. com) upon declaration of the ban on noise-making by the Gborbu Wulomo Shitse and authorities of Nungua Traditional Area on 28 Monday June, 2021 in Accra, Oyibi Gonten Mantse and Nungua Mankralo
Nii Bortey Kofi Frankwa said “The taskforce will patrol the community and if anyone is found flaunting the orders issued by the Nungua Traditional Authority, he or she will be dealt with”

Oyibi Gonten mantse and Nungua Mankralo Nii Bortey Kofi Frankwa noted that “Like we said, no parties, no funerals, if the next person is listening to what you are saying, you’ve disobeyed the orders and that attracts severe punishment. “.

The announcement of the week long embargo demands total compliance of Gadamgme and non-GA residents living within the Nungua communities. According to Oyibi Gonten Mantse and Nungua Mankralo Nii Bortey Kofi Frankwa, the latest ban affects areas such as Nungua township, Sakumono, Lashibi, Community 18, Santeo, Oyibi, Kanewu, Nmai-dzorn, parts of East Legon, Ajiriganor, Kantamaso and others under the Nungua Traditional Area, so…my good friends at East Legon who love having fun, for this one week, you’re not supposed to do so. If you are caught, you would be dealt with accordingly”.

In a bid to ensure strict and total compliance with the annual week along embargo on drumming and noise-making, the Gborbu Wulomo-Shitse has set up a taskforce and spelt out some guidelines for take-off.

In view of that, it presupposes that during the period of the ban, the usual form of worship should be confined to the premises of churches and mosques whilst minimising noise levels to the barest limits.

Furthermore, Covid-19 protocols such as washing of hands under running water with soap, the use of hand sanitisers, the wearing of nose masks and physical distancing ought to be strictly complied with, religious bodies and the traditional authorities must show respect for one another and restrain their followers from making derogatory and inflammatory remarks about the beliefs and practices of one another.

The drumming and noise-making restraining orders also demands the ban on the positioning of loudspeakers outside the premises of churches, mosques and activities of roadside preachers.

In view of that, Gborbu Wulomo-Shitse entreated all indigenes, towns and villages under the jurisdiction of the Nungua Traditional Area to cooperate and comply with the week long embargo on drumming and noise-making.

With the declaration of the ban on noise-making paving the way for Kpledzo Festival spanning over a period pending preparations to set in motion the lifting of the week long ban on drumming and noise-making, Overlord of Gadamgme State (Gborbu Wulomo Shitse) Wor-Lumor Konor Nuumo Borketey Laweh Tsrur XXXIII is calling for total compliance of all residents to sustain lasting peace, security, and blessings upon the traditional area.

Meanwhile, Gborbu Wulomo-Shitse has dissolved the existing Nungua Sokpoti Market Committee and formed an interim committee chaired by Mr. Eric Bortey to steers the affairs of the market until substantive committee is constituted.

This latest closure of the existing committee follows misunderstanding between the existing committee and Management of the Nungua Sokpoti Market who claimed that Gborbu Wulomo-Shitse has legally no authority to form a committee to steer the affairs of the market.

A letter from Management of the Nungua Sokpoti Market through their lawyer addressed to Gborbu Wulomo-Shitse insists “Gborbu Wulomo has no power to form the market committee. We have decided not to copy this letter to any office because of the respect we have for you”.

Speaking at a press conference, Chairman of Interim Nungua Sokpoti Market Committee Mr. Eric Bortey said the “latest action by the management of the market who claimed they have a company registered under Registrar General’s Department, is a total disrespect to Gborbu Wulomo-Shitse, a development that led to formation of an interim committee of which I’m a chairman”.

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Ban on noise-making begins in Nungua June 28

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