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‘I’m a hardened criminal’, petitioner in Jomoro MP’s citizenship case confirms in court

‘I’m a hardened criminal’, petitioner in Jomoro MP’s citizenship case confirms in court

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At a High Court in Sekondi on 6th June 2022, Joshua Emuah Kofie, the petitioner challenging the citizenship of the Honourable Member of Parliament for the Jomoro Constituency, confirmed before a duly constituted plenary that, he is a hardened criminal.

This was revealed during his cross examination by Lawyer Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo, lawyer of Hon. Dorcas Toffey.

His responses indicated that he is an ex-convict. He duped a client of Dalex Finance, a financial institution he worked with in 2015, of his approved loan.

From the cross examination, it appears the petitioner has no credible knowledge about the 1st respondent’s citizenship status. He relied on a hearsay to file a law suit against the 1st respondent, Hon. Dorcas Toffey.
Joshua Emuah Kofie’s posture in the courtroom further confirmed that he is surprisingly and dangerously naive about the content of his own witness statement.

Joshua Emuah Kofie, according to reliable sources, has defrauded over 15 market women under the guise of susu collection. These aggrieved women are desperately looking to cause his arrest again.
The petitioner is also said to have defrauded over 70 people in the name of getting them recruited into the GES.
Joshua Emuah Kofie can therefore unapologetically be said to be a social misfit and a deviant to the very laws he is relying on.

His second arrest is imminent as his angry victims begin processes to get him arrested and arraigned before a judicatory.

It appears the petitioner’s power to inspire the plenary’s belief of his witness statement is as hollow and dented as his persona.

Source: Sammy K. Abrebrese
Forbes Fm



Petitioner: Joshua Emuah Kofie—Present

1st Respondent: Hon. Dorcas Toffey

*Legal Representations*

Bright Otchere Adjekum

1st Respondent:
Godwin Kudzo Tamaklo
Ms Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong

*Business Of The Day:*
Cross examination of Petitioner

*Petitioner’s Lawyer*

Question: Can you tell this court your full name?

Answer: My lord, my name is Joshua Emuah Kofie

Question: Can you confirm to this court your witness statements that was presented to this court on 29th March 2022?

Answer:Yes my lord, it’s my statement.


*1st Respondent’s Lawyer*

Question: Can you tell this court your full name?

Answer: My lord, my name is Joshua Emuah Kofie

Question: Do you bear any other name?

Answer: No, my lord

Question: What do you do for a living?

Answer: My lord I am a student.

Question: Which institution?

Answer: My lord, Valley View University

Question: Have you ever worked?

Answer: Yes my lord, I have worked with Jomoro Assi Cooperative Credit Union and Dalex Finance

Question: Which period did you work at Dalex Finance?

(Petitioner lawyer raises an objection about the relevance of the question)

Objection was overruled.

Answer: My lord, from 2013 to 2015

Question: What happened before you left Dalex?

(Petitioner’s lawyer raises another objection about the relevance of the question)

Objection was overruled

Answer: I was a field officer for Dalex Finance and so some clients requested for loan but they didn’t have enough affordability for the loans they were applying for so I told them to wait for some two months so they’ll have enough affordability for the loan. One of them had a deduction on his payslip from Dalex before the loan was approved. Because of that he caused my arrest. After my conviction the company paid the fine and I left the company.

Question: When you were convicted for stealing, it was your mum who paid 2,000 Ghana cedis of the fine and not the company correct?

Answer: Even the amount is not 2,000 Ghana cedis. It was about 1,200 Ghana cedis

Question: Look at this document before you, there were two other cases of stealing  against you, correct?

Answer: My lord, in my earlier statement,  I said clients and not only one client.

Question: Before you is a letter from your lawyer to the research department of Foreign  Affairs, correct?

Answer: Yes my lord.

Question: Your lawyer wanted the Foreign Affairs Department to furnish him with the nationality  status of the 1st respondent, correct?

Answer: Yes my lord.

Question: Pursuant  to this letter the Ivorian authorities  provided you with the passport application form of the 1st Respondent, correct?

Answer: My lord, I contacted my lawyers for documents when I heard that the 1st Respondent was a dual citizen. Documents  were given to my lawyers upon request.

Question: You’ve attached exhibit D to your witness statement, correct?

Answer: Yes my lord.

Question: There is stamp and date on exhibit D, correct?

Answer: Yes, my lord.

Question: Can you tell the court the date on the form before you?

Answer: My lord, 18th Jan 2017.

Question: The document before you is a passport  application form of the 1st Respondent, correct?

Answer: Yes my lord.

Question: This application form was in 2017, correct?

Answer: Yes my lord

Question: Can you tell the court when parliamentary nominations were opened?

Answer: My lord it was in 2020

Question: You don’t  have any passport application form of the 1st Respondent after the 2020 elections, correct?

Answer: My lord, I don’t  have that.

Question: Do you know that you don’t have any evidence that the 1st Respondent used this passport, relating to the application form before you, after the elections?

Answer: I wouldn’t  be able to tell whether she used it but the expiration  period on the passport was after close of nominations.

Question: So you will agree with me that you have not provided any evidence with respect  to the use of that passport?

Answer: Since the expiry date was still active the passport might be used or not depending on the holder of the passport.

Question: Even your own document  that you have attached, that is exhibit E8, will show that 1st Respondent reported the lost of this passport, correct?

Answer: Yes my lord

Question: And this lost was reported in 2018, correct?

Answer: Yes my lord.

Question: So you knew that the passport was reported missing, correct?

Answer: My lord it was reported missing  and reapplication was done.

Question: Have you seen the reapplied passport?

Answer: I would have to go through the exhibit but there is a passport number in the witness statement.

Question: So you have a passport  number of a passport you haven’t seen?

Answer: Yes my lord

Question: I am putting it to you that you have not seen the said passport.

Answer: My lord I still rely on my earlier answer.

Cross examination to be continued tomorrow Tuesday June 2022.

Present in Court:
1. Uncle Kofi Totobi Quakyi
2. Chairman Nana Kojo Toku
3. Mr Joseph Nelson
4. Mr. Charles Adu Fordjour
5. Ms Emelia Arthur
6. Chairman Benle
7. Hon Sylvester Daddieh
8 Ernest Anaman
9. Hon. Benedict Boadi
10. Hon. Kofi Arko Nokoe
11. Alphonse Amihere
12. Chairman Annor Kofi

1. Chairman Siah
2. Paul Essien
3. Issa Fuseini

Update on Jomoro parliamentary election petition

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