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African country where women wear leaves not clothes out of strange beliefs

African country where women wear leaves not clothes out of strange beliefs

In what appears to be perseverance effects, strange or superstitious beliefs in Adamawa State, there is a specific clan recognized as the Koma clan. They are essential for the 7 regions of the Ganye Local Government region.

Individuals of Koma are in the Atlantika mountains and they likewise share a boundary with Southern Cameroon.

In 1961, the Koma public were completely perceived and acknowledged as Nigerians. This ethnic gathering known as Koma is a gathering of individuals that actually abide in the crude time.

You would discover up to 21 towns where the Koma individuals reside in Cameroon and there are additionally up to 17 of their towns in Nigeria.

Very much like some other ethnic gathering, this Koma people have their own exceptional language they communicate in, the language is distinguished as Koma language. The language has a place with the Niger Congo language bunch.

Not at all like different clans that have moved past the ancient period, individuals of Koma actually carry on with their lives like the days of yore.

They cherished and value their customs so much and still practice it today. Individuals of Koma don’t wear garments like most of us, the men put on undergarments while the women utilize new passes on to make clothes. The men are prepared to wear garments or clothes dissimilar to the ladies that favour leaves.

The motivation behind why the ladies try not to get into garments or wear clothes, is on the grounds that they accept that in the event that they do, they would drive the divine beings mad and he would visit them with death and infertility.

In any event, when going to the market these ladies like to put on wrappers over their leaves, they would then eliminate the covering once they return to the slope.

Individuals of Koma have very bizarre practices particularly when they acknowledge you as their companions. The men reserve the option to impart their own spouses to their companions and even with their guests. Very much like how others invite their guests with Kolanuts, the Koma men invite theirs with their spouses.

Another strange conviction the Koma public have is the conviction that twins are malicious. The twins are regarded as an anathema.

Before, the twin children were covered alive close by their mothers. Such practice doesn’t actually exist among them any longer because of human advancement.

Individuals of Koma have a place with those uncommon clans in Nigeria that are yet to accept development. They appreciate living in the old ways and they generally approve of it.

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Below are exclusive pictures that tell the story of Koma women:

African country where women wear leaves not clothes out of strange beliefs

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