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Ghana@65: Let’s fight for economic independence together- Sheila Bartels 

Sheila bartels

Ghana@65: Let’s fight for economic independence together- Sheila Bartels


Read speech delivered by Hon. Sheila Bartels on the occasion of Ghana’s 65th independence day celebration


Hon MCE, District Commander of Police, District Director of Education, Nii mei and Naa mei, our Former MP, Municipal Coordinating Director, Presiding Member and Honorable Members of the Assembly, Directors of the various institutions of our municipality, Invited Guests, Distinguished members of our community….all other protocols observed.

Today, marks the 65th Independence Day of our beloved country. Through this period, we have experienced years of fulfilment, as well as years of difficulty. This day is a reflection on the great success that was achieved by our forefathers, who agreed to unite and to do everything necessary to give us freedom. Freedom from oppressors. They gave us independence. They gave us political independence even at the peril of their lives.

65 years on, the mantle is handed to you and I. Our task is to come together in the unity and interest of Ghana to fight for economic independence. We need to work together to ensure that we can also hand over a mantle to our next generation. This is a mantle of Economic independence. This is a mantle of believing in ourselves. This is a mantle of us supporting our current leaders as we build and establish home grown policies to.gice generations after us a brighter future.

This fight will not be an easy one. It will not be an easy one because it will come with all the opposition both internally and externally, but just as was the attitude of our forefathers who gave us political independence some 65 years ago, let us all remain focused on the fact that we are working together for economic independence.

Today, we cannot understate the challenges we’ve overcome as a nation within the past three years, especially the year 2020, in which the great pandemic of COVID-19 hit all nations and brought many to their knees. We stand here today and celebrate life, good health, free speech and freedom to continue living our lives the best way we can.

Through the constant difficulties and challenges we are experiencing as a nation, including rising prices of goods and services, limited budgetary allocations for government programs and cuts, we must all keep in mind the theme for this year’s celebration: Working Together, Bouncing Back Better.

Indeed, we must work together to bounce back. The government of Ghana, under the excellent leadership of our beloved President, His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, begun a series of projects within the framework of the Obaatanpa Ghana Cares Program to restore our country from the drastic impact of Covid-19 back onto a trajectory of prosperity. In a daring, 100billion cedi 10-year plan, our focus is placed on restoration and acceleration of the nation into development; its sole aim to ensure that we bounce back better.

In addition to supporting existing programs such as the novel Free Senior High School program, Industrialization through 1D1F and PFJ, Digitalization with the National Digital property addressing system, Ghana card,, GIFMIS, Digitalization of our Ports, DVLA, Passports, SHS enrolment, Lands registry, Infrastructure Development of 1D1warehouse, 1village1dam, school feeding programs, etc; we were able to conduct a population census in 2021 to determine where we are as nation stand in terms of numbers, social infrastructure, economic state, etc. The connection between our National ID card system and all the various digital infrastructure is meant to create a system that is able to support those in need and ensure that everyone is contributing their quota proportionate to their status.

Im sure you will agree, that the overall agenda of this government, is to achieve economic independence which encompasses personal and infrastructural development for the people of Ghana. We must find ourselves in a position to support those most in need completely so that they also have a chance to sustain life. For hardworking Ghanaians, we must create systems to support their livelihoods so that their efforts can afford them a comfortable life and reward them for the extra effort they have invested. For the wealthy, they must contribute more to the development of others and for the privilege of having plenty; for to whom much is given, much is expected. Our entire digitalization program should eventually lead us into a period of equitable distribution of National resources.

In our various sectors, we have made strives to improve livelihoods for the people of Ghana, and Ablekuma North Municipality has not been left out. From investments in our infrastructure to education, health and jobs for our youth, we have been able to help improve lives and our community. Appropriations have been made to in our budget of 2022 to support financing of startups and small businesses for prosperity and job creation, as well as additional infrastructure namely health and educational facilities, market facilities, additional roads, ICT center and places of convenience around the Municipality. We believe that with the passing of the elevy, we will be able to raise more affordable financing to support the programs designed to improve our community in 2022.

We must work together to achieve our collective dream of a Ghana Beyond Aid. It will not be an easy road. We need dedication, hard work and above all collabotion to achieve our goals. We will get there. We only need to be united in our purpose by working together.

Let us take some time to value our nation, and never forget the sacrifices others have made for us. We must also pay it forward through our own sacrifice, with the nation and only the nation at the center, to forge us ahead into our collective destination.

Let history record our names as a generation that achieved the mandate of economic independence for ghana.

Long Live Ghana, Long live Ablekuma North Municipality.


Sheila bartels

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