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Kenya polls: opposition leader Odinga overtakes Ruto by huge margin

Kenya polls: opposition leader Odinga overtakes Ruto by huge margin

Latest results published by Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) shows Opposition Leader Raila Odinga has overtaken Vice President William Ruto, as over 10 million votes were tallied in the Kenyan election.

By 6 a.m Kenyan time, Odinga had polled 5,216,965 Votes or 51.83% as against Ruto’s 4,780,380 Votes or 47.5%, according to a tally by Nation of 10,064,744 votes counted.

The provisional figures are based on results from 31,584 of 46,229 polling units.

Since all the results from the polling units have already been uploaded on the electoral umpire’s website, some unofficial computation has been made, with Odinga predicted to be declared the winner.

Self declared “non-political partisan analyst” Herman Manyara in a tweet declared Azimio Presidential Candidate and five-time contestant Raila Odinga winner.

“IEBC will announce and declare the winner of the presidential election; the results are on the IEBC public portal; the results are final; anybody working faster than the media should have the winner; I can now CALL this election. This is Baba’s election.” Said Manyara through a tweet .

Kenyan polls: provisional results put Ruto in lead of 52%, Odinga 47%.

Kenya’s veteran opposition politician Raila Odinga and the deputy president, William Ruto, are locked in a tight race for the country’s highest office, according to early results from Tuesday’s election.

National media updates put Ruto in the lead, at roughly 52%, with Odinga a close second at 47%. The deputy president is performing better than polls had predicted, with a number having placed Odinga in both clear and marginal leads.

Analysts say the race is still too early to call – with results in from only a little more than a third of polling centres. To win the elections in the first round, the candidates would need to secure more than 50% of total votes cast, and at least 25% of votes from 24 of Kenya’s 47 counties. If there is no outright winner, a run-off election would be held in 30 days.


No declaration Wednesday in Kenya’s vote – IEBC

Kenyans are waiting for the results of a close but calm presidential election in which the turnout was notably lower than usual, and the electoral commission indicated it would be at least Thursday before a winner is declared.

Tuesday’s election was likely the final try by longtime opposition leader Raila Odinga, who on his fifth attempt was backed by former rival and outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta. The other top contender is Deputy President William Ruto, who fell out with the president earlier in their decade in power.

Voters have expressed little hope of real change and frustration with rising prices and widespread corruption in East Africa’s economic hub.

The commission on Wednesday said turnout was at least 65%, far lower than the 80% in the previous election in 2017. More than 22 million people were registered to vote, but some told The Associated Press they doubted they would bother, dispirited by economic challenges including high national debt and widespread unemployment.

Both top candidates are long known to Kenyans, Odinga as a democracy campaigner and former political detainee and Ruto as a wealthy populist who plays up his humble youth as a contrast to the dynasties that produced Odinga and Kenyatta.

The president’s backing of Odinga cut across the usual ethnic lines that have long defined elections and contributed to violence. This time there is no candidate from Kenya’s largest ethnic group, the Kikuyu, though both top candidates chose Kikuyu running mates.

Official election results must be announced within a week of the vote. The electoral commission still must verify results forms coming from across the country. More than 98% of results forms from the over 46,000 polling centers had been sent to the commission on Wednesday.

“The issue of saying that we should declare results today (Wednesday), that will not happen today,” electoral commission chair Wafula Chebukati told journalists, but he said the aim is to conclude the process “at the earliest possible time.” He said polling went smoothly.

“It’s not done till it’s done,” Odinga’s running mate Martha Karua tweeted, as other candidates were publicly silent.

A runoff election will be held if no candidate receives more than 50% of votes.

A relatively uneventful election might be welcome. On the eve of the vote, Kenya’s government reminded people that “this will be a CONTEST, not a FIGHT. A contest must have a winner, and a loser. In a fight, life can sometimes be lost.”

Kenyans tend to say elections are calm and troubles come later. More than 1,000 people were killed after 2007 election results were announced and Odinga alleged massive rigging. In 2017, the high court overturned the election results, a first in Africa, after Odinga alleged irregularities. He boycotted the fresh election and declared himself the “people’s president,” drawing accusations of treason.

A handshake with Kenyatta calmed that crisis, set up their unusual alliance and angered Ruto, who still accuses the president of betrayal.

Both Odinga and Ruto have said they will accept the results as long as the vote is free and fair.

Already, reported troubles include the failure of about 200 voting kits out of more than 46,000 across the country. The electoral commission called it “not widespread” and “normal” for technology to break down at times. But some local reports also cited people saying they were unable to vote when the kits didn’t recognize them and polling workers wouldn’t use the paper voters’ register as a backup, which was allowed.

Such frustrations occurred even after Kenya budgeted $347 million, or more than $15 per voter, for one of Africa’s most expensive elections.

The wait for a winner was bringing anxiety and fatigue. “Everybody is very exhausted, everybody is eager to give out the ballot boxes and go back home because we have not even slept for the past two days,” said Loice Wanjiru, a deputy presiding officer at a tallying center in the capital, Nairobi.

Kenyans have a week from the announcement of official results to file any court challenges. The court has two weeks to rule. A fresh election would be held within 60 days.


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