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TLF, UNICEF sensitised Ofankor M/A Basic Sch on Covid-19, lead poisoning & yellow fever

TLF, UNICEF sensitised Ofankor M/A Basic Sch on Covid-19, lead poisoning & yellow fever

The Light Foundation in partnership with UNICEF has engaged Ofankor M/A Basic School on Covid-19, lead poisoning and yellow fever to boost their confidence towards vaccinations.

Yellow fever


As part of TLF and UNICEF’s Religious Leaders Support for Covid-19 Vaccines confidence Lead Poisoning and Yellow Fever, the Ofankor M/A Basic School pupils were educated on the causes, negative effects of the three diseases and preventive measures.

Speaking at the sensitisation programme by the Light Foundation in collaboration with UNICEF at Ofankor M/A Basic School in GA North on Tuesday 15 February 2022, Health Promotion Officer at GA North Municipal Health Directorate Rev. Jacob Agyenkwa said “Yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes. It can cause a high fever and organ damage, and it can be fatal. There is no specific treatment, so people will receive supportive care. Travelers to affected areas should check if they need a vaccine before they travel. Some countries will not allow a traveler to enter without an immunization certificate”.

Yellow fever is a hemorrhagic condition that can lead to a high fever, bleeding into the skin, and cell death in the liver and kidneys. If enough liver cells die, liver damage occurs, leading to jaundice, a condition in which the skin takes on a yellowish colour. It is an acute, systemic disease, that it starts suddenly, and it affects the whole body. The yellow fever virus is transmitted by mosquitos, mainly the Aedes and Haemogogus species.

World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that in 2013, there were between 84,000 severe cases of yellow fever and between 29,000 and 60,000 fatalities. About 90 percent of all cases occur in Africa.

Yellow fever

Contributing to the discussion, Heath Promotion Officer at GA North Municipal Health Directorate Morkpokpor Agbeko said “Mosquitoes spread yellow fever. If a mosquito bites a monkey that has the fever, they can pass it to humans. This can lead to outbreaks. Lead poisoning damage ability of children to learn, brain damage, eye sight, affects kidneys and lungs “.

Yellow fever

Yellow fever is spread by mosquitoes


Mosquitoes spread yellow fever. If a mosquito bites a monkey that has the fever, they can pass it to humans. This can lead to outbreaks of yellow fever. After having it once, a person is generally immune, meaning that they are unlikely to have it again. Yellow fever can occur in settlements close to the jungle, where infected mosquitoes live, and it can spread from there.

Yellow fever

Most people with yellow fever do not develop symptoms, or the symptoms are very mild. Yellow fever has an incubation period of between 3 and 6 days, so it takes from 3 to 6 days for signs and symptoms to appear after a person is infected. The disease cannot spread among humans. Only infection-carrying mosquitoes spread the disease to humans. The main symptoms of yellow fever are a high temperature, a slow pulse, albuminuria, jaundice, congestion of the face, and hemorrhage, or bleeding.

In the early, acute stage, the individual may experience aching muscles, particularly the back and knees a high fever dizziness, a headache, loss of appetite nausea shivers, or chills vomiting.

These symptoms usually improve after a few days, but around 15 percent of people enter a second stage, or toxic stage. The symptoms are more severe, and they may be life-threatening.


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