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Zambia’s HH contested for president 5x & lost but won 2021 election

Zambia's H.H contested for president 5x & lost but won 2021 election
Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema waves at his supporters after being released from prison after treason charge against hime were dropped on August 16, 2107 in Lusaka. - Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema was released from prison on August 16, and the treason charges against him were dropped shortly before his trial was to begin in Lusaka. Hichilema has been in custody since April over an incident in which he allegedly failed to give way to President Edgar Lungu's motorcade. (Photo by SALIM DAWOOD / AFP) (Photo by SALIM DAWOOD/AFP via Getty Images)

Zambia’s HH contested for president 5x & lost but won 2021 election

In what could best be described as five conservative times of perseverance,
Zambia’s Hakainde Hichilema contested for presidential elections multiple period and lost but presently he’s relaxing in gleam of notable win.

Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema is lounging in the gleam of his noteworthy success in last month’s political race during his first visit to the United States as president.

President Hakainde Hichilema after five times of pushing for topmost political position amid imprisonment, won 2021 president elections last month against his third time political rival and incumbent Edgar Lungu in a poll with social media- Twitter, WhatsApp totally shutdown, considered to be an obvious threat to Zambia’s democratic experiment.

H.H won the knife-edge presidential election after Zambian government under incumbent Edgar Lungu totally shutdown social media Apps including Whatsapp and Twitter on the day of Presidential Elections.

The dictatorial development left Zambians in dismay and talking without explanation from government.

With government unilaterally taken off social media on election day without giving any reason for the most strange action, Zambians were left in anxiety as to why this was happening in democratic Zambia.

That was the first time that the social media platforms have been absolutely shutdown on the day of general elections.

In view of that, most Zambians had to resort to the use of the VPN to keep in touch in the situational reports from polling stations.

The then opposition leader HH had to defy all odds to win after prison custody with treason charges reffered to as political witch-hunting and five times contest for the presidency.

Zambia elections: EC declares Opposition Leader winner

Electoral Commission of Zambia at the eleventh hour declared Opposition Leader and President Lungu’s long standing political rival Hakainde Hichilema as the winner of the just-ended presidential elections.

According Zambian Electoral Commission, President-Elect Hichilema polled 2, 810, 777 against incumbent Lungu’s 1, 814, 201 with over 1million gap.

HH’s landslide victory reminded the world of the popular dictum that progress is always a good mark of man.

Historically, it has emerged that on Thursday, HH turned into the first Zambian President to visit the White House since 1992, an uncommon lifetime honour many presidents clamour for.

His victory over President Edgar Lungu who suffered humiliating defeat in last election was “majority rules system in real life,” his host US Vice President Kamala Harris said, while sharing recollections of her visit to Lusaka when she was 5 years of age.

The two leaders traded triumphant stories and praised each other for their individual decisions.

“We also were conveyed by individuals of Zambia in a generous manner under truly challenging conditions with the vote based space not being accessible,” he said to gestures from Harris.

Handling debasement and basic freedoms changes

Hichilema’s excursion in Washington has additionally incorporated a gathering with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund heads as he attempts to ride the flood of global regard for haul his country out of an obligation emergency and secure financing for a financial recovery.

Zambian history specialist Sishuwa revealed that there was probably going to be expanded Western help following August’s political race that saw a resistance candidate win. “There are colossal difficulties he’s acquired,” the University of Zambia instructor says.

“Defilement was escalated under the then Zambia’s President Lungu, common liberties were disregarded, and vote based system was truly dissolved. So he needs to handle the economy as well as leave on political change.”

Zambia’s resistance candidate wins avalanche political decision as youngsters turnout in immense numbers.

Hichilema is covering off seven days of firsts in the wake of conveying his lady discourse at the United Nations General Assembly in New York as the Southern African country’s seventh president.

“The result of our political race was dictated by the individuals who vote, and not the people who count the votes,” he told a socially removed lobby of audience members in the early evening Tuesday, alluding to his monstrous triumph over Lungu.

It was near 2 a.m. back in Lusaka however some at home kept awake to watch and many complimented him when the message of the discourse was posted on his Facebook page.

Allies of Hakainde Hichilema eliminate a banner of previous President Edgar Lungu from a shaft in Lusaka, on August 16, 2021.

Last month’s serene political progress was a motivation to the remainder of African mainland, Hichilema said, repeating the US President’s acknowledgment of vote based system in Zambia in his own discourse prior in the day.

“It lives in the youngsters of Zambia – who tackled the force of their decision in favor of the initial time – turning out in record numbers to censure debasement and graph another way for their country,” President Joe Biden had said in his own first location to the Assembly.

‘President of Zambia Limited’

President Hichilema was making a buzz even before he got to New York. Rather than the rich official planes and enormous escorts liked by numerous African designations, he flew business on Qatar Airways and carried with him only two pastors.

An assertion said he kept the group “lean and useful to be more useful and practical.”

Bally, as his allies call him, styles himself as the CEO of Zambia Limited. At the UN, he said his administration’s need was to “reestablish macroeconomic strength, accomplish financial and obligation maintainability and advance monetary development.”

He has made another service of Green Economy and Environment to handle environmental change and is looking into the nation’s money rich mining area.

Hichilema ran for president multiple times before he won and says he has been captured multiple times since he joined legislative issues.

“Things should be possible better, and we mean to improve for individuals that put us in office,” he revealed to CNN’s One World show before he left for the US. “It’s an authority question, ensuring that we regard constitutionalism, majority rule government and its orderly guidelines; and to make Zambia an encouraging sign for vote based system in Africa.”

As resistance pioneer, Hichilema was even imprisoned for 100 days for treachery for supposedly imperiling Lungu’s life by declining to give way for his escort. He lost two decisions to Lungu that he accepts he won yet is pushing ahead. He grins when the inquiry comes up.

“We have a great deal of energy, yet it won’t be squandered on vengeance, requital or without a doubt, any adverse indecencies,” the president told CNN. “We realize what was fouled up against us and who did what however we’re not here to vindicate. In the event that we did that, it implies that we don’t possess any higher ground than the people who did that to us.”

Zambia’s financial misfortunes

Zambia turned into the main African nation to default on its obligation during the pandemic and President Hichilema presently says he’s in chats with its loan specialists for a potential bailout.

“Our message to the worldwide monetary local area is that we’re here to work together. We regard the obligations that are there and we’ll cooperate to emerge from this obligation emergency that Zambia has ended up in,” he said.

Hichilema crushed active President Edgar Lungu in an avalanche by very nearly 1 million votes in his 6th effort to become head of Zambia.

It was a shocking turnaround for the African politician known as HH went through a while in jail in 2017 for what were broadly seen as politically persuaded treachery charges. The charges were dropped under extraordinary worldwide tension.

Source: Editors

Zambia's H.H contested for president 5x & lost but won 2021 electionZambian First Lady Lungu missing at inauguration of Opposition LeaderHaikaide HichilemaZambia’s Pesident Hakainde Hichilema (left) in hands shake with his third-time political rival & predecessor H.E Edgar Lungu (right)

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