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[Opinion] Bawumia steals Alan’s unifier tagline yet he supports Bugri Naabu’s divisive tribal politics

Former Trade Minister, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten commenced his 2023 New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential primaries campaign with the “unifier” tagline projecting himself as the most suitable personality to bring the entire party together to break the 8.

Realising the “unifier” resonates with the grassroots of the party who are gravitating towards the practical solutions provider and unity promoter, Vice President, Dr Muhammadu Bawumia is now calling himself the unifier shamelessly.

However, the latter’s insincerity has been exposed big time following Bugri Naabu’s rather divisive ethnic pronouncement in his favour. Dr Bawumia has been loudly silent in the face of widespread condemnation of such inflammatory talks by both NPP and non-party people across the country.

If Dr Bawumia is sincerely a unifier or he is for unity, why is he silent? This is the questions many well-meaning citizens are genuinely asking.

Early this month, Bugri Naabu campaigning for Dr Bawumia after he presented his nomination forms at their party headquarters, misinformed the public that the NPP was established by Akans and Northerners lamenting how the Ashantis always treat Northerners as though they are only fit for the Vice President position.

“This time, if they Ashantis vote against Dr Muhammadu Bawumia at the NPP presidential primaries, it means Akans hate the Northerners,” he sought to blackmail Akans emotionally.

This, many citizens in and outside the NPP, have condemned vehemently surprisingly to the silence of Dr Bawumia who now claims he is a unifier.

In an insightful thought-provoking article titled, “Bugri Naabu, NPP 2023 Primaries and Ghana’s 2024 elections aren’t about Akans and NPP”, Former Communications Manager of Airtel Ghana, Raymond Ablorh strongly condemned the divisive tribal politics saying it undermines the great contributions people like Attoh Kwashie, Obetsebi Lamptey, Quaye Mensah and his family, Modestus Apaloo, Kojo Ayeke, S.G. Antoh and many others from other ethnic groups or tribes across the country in the formation and operations of the United Party from which, NPP takes inspiration.

According to the astute communications specialist, the upcoming presidential primaries and general elections are not about any ethnic group but about the collective aspirations and future of all Ghanaians.

“The upcoming New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s 2023 Primaries and Ghana’s 2024 presidential election are about: credibility, integrity, competence, accountability, excellence, etc. The destiny of Ghana and Ghanaians is far bigger than any ethnic group or tribe or political party. This is why the upcoming elections are not about peripheral issues like what Bawumia’s campaigners are campaigning with,” he emphasised.

In his response to the former Northern Regional Chairman’s rather anti-democratic utterance, the President of ARM, Nii Amu Darko says, “the problem is that after two generations post independence, the generosity of the rest of Ghana has morphed into Northern entitlement. The political elite from the North feels so entitled you begin to ask yourself very hard questions.”

According to the medical doctor cum politician, historical facts and data show the rest of the country has been very benevolent to the North and the people from there for so long that their elites now feel entitled.

“Ghana is a unique country – the only one with a NORTH and no SOUTH,” he observed how historical events and activities made political representation from the North to be greater than its fair share per population, and unfortunately brought about this Unhealthy sense of entitlement of their elite.

In another article titled, “Bugri Naabu, the Vicious Hatchet Man if the North, Got It all Wrong”, Alhahi Iddrisu Omar of the Gushegu Constituency also observed, “Bugri Naabu has succeeded over the years through nefarious activities to establish himself as the chief contractor for the “hatchet works” in the North for his clients.”

“When he was supporting Nana Akufo-Addo against Alhaji Aliu Mahama didn’t he know that the late former Vice President was from the North?” Alhaji Iddrisu Omar asked.

According to him, “how would you describe a man who faked his own accident on the Damongo-Bole road and artfully got some parts of his body bandaged to court sympathy from delegates in an election?”

“Again, how would you describe a man who, at a point in time, was shuttling between NPP and NDC to the point he faked an accident with his car and to went to Baba Kamara to ask for a brand-new pickup,” he quizzed.

According to him, a man who lack credibility cannot be the chief gorgon beater at the market square.

It is obvious Dr Muhammadu Bawumia and Bugri Naabu are men of same credibility status. Hence, Dr Bawumia actually does not see anything wrong with what his lead chieftain campaigner said.


By: Issahaku Abubakari
NPP Wa East,
Polling station Chairman.

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